Tuesday - Errarooey

Beach at Errarooey

Beach at Errarooey

Beach at Errarooey Beach at Errarooey Killahoey Beach, Dunfanaghy Killahoey Beach, Dunfanaghy Over the Headland Nearly Home
Day Four

After a hearty Irish breakfast riders are reunited with their horses who have a belly full of summer's sweet grass at Errarooey. Tidal and weather conditions permitting, the day starts with another long memorable canter on the beach. Today's ride is a contrast from the wild and remote heather clad hills as we experience the diversity of the countryside. We walk past old farm buildings, along a small twisty country lane with grass growing in the middle of it to get to some rough pasture and farmland by the sea. We cling to the hillside as we cross a high headland, the intense beauty of the Atlantic ocean and the high rocky cliffs, as we turn a corner the view of Tramore beach below is an unforgettable sight. As we descend the anticipation of the canter on the beach is felt. Cantering along the waters edge as the waves crash is long awaited. We have worked up a great hunger and so happily return to Arnold's for a well deserved lunch.

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