Dunfanaghy stables is a must visit, great horses, fab scenery what else could you ask for. Looking forward to visiting again soon. Scenery couldn't be any better, great beach to ride on

16/10/2011 11:23

Dunfanaghy is fantastic. Wish I could be there every day. Love, Caiti :)

Great horses - I'm a nervous rider but have complete confidence in your horses!

Was hooked from the begining. People were wonderful and horses beautiful and trustworthy.

August 2011
We stumbled across Dunfanaghy stables last year just by chance when staying in the area with our 2 small children. We visited the horses every day with our daughters to say hello and they gave them names. After a few days the girls gained enough courage to go for a beach ride on some of the small ponies and they had the time of their lives. The staff were so patient and professional and made the experience even more memorable. Following our trip we have over the last year been telling everyone about the stables and we ourselves are coming back to the area this year again particularly due to your horseriding. I would like to commend you on a fabulous well run business. It really holds special memories for us and am sure many other families. Well done!!

August 2011
We were so impressed with how professional the riding centre was run and also were really impressed with the prices.

August 2011
The atmosphere was great with all the staff and it was really relaxed. My instructor Joe talked so much I forgot all my nerves.

August 2011
I haven't been on a horse in 20 years and I went out for three 1 hour treks. I signed up for another ride each time I did one. The beach is amazing and the staff are even better. I felt secure and progressed my riding within a few days. Karen Co Dublin

My whole family had the most amazing weekend with Dunfanaghy Stables. My two children were a little nervous of the ponies but were quickly put at ease by your younger members of staff. They were fully entertained and I was very impressed with how their leaders engaged them. I have been riding horses my whole life and have never experienced anything so free as riding on your beaches. Tramore is the best adrenaline rush in the world!!!! Your staff are brilliant, both professional and friendly. My guide for both rides made me very comfortable, explaining what we were going to do and constantly making sure that noone on the ride was outside their comfort zone. I was very impressed and will DEFINATELY be returning with family and friends this season. Jane, N. Ireland.

August 2011
I thought you were very helpful and kind.... I noticed That there was mostly teenager/ kids helping out..... how did they get the jobs ? And I Thought The Idea Of A Ride On The Beach Was Very Clever :) Niamh Mervyn Ireland Belfast

Wonderful horses and saddles; Niamh was a great guide. Truly a dream vacation! I would highly recommend this to my equestrian friends. Patricia Adkins USA

This was by far the best vacation I have ever taken. It was a lifelong dream of mine to go to Ireland and this trip surpassed every expectation. I can't wait to do it again! Maureen Rowland, USA

Clean yard, the place seemed relaxed, lots of laughing children :-)


totally blown away, city to rural stables. Made an impression of such joy and relaxation i will never forget

Would be excellent if you could take cards

Thank you to all the staff and horses for making my visit in easter 2011 to Donegal really special, can't emphasise enough what a magical experience it was. Scenery amazing, friendly and helpful staff and a very special horse made my holiday. An experience not to be missed!!! katie bonar Dublin 5

A wonderful riding experience - friendly guides, safe horses and stunning countryside. A must for any horse-lover!

extremely friendly people, great looking horses and ponies

We rode in july of 2009, the dream vacation of my life time. We still talk about our wonderful riding in Dunfanaghy. We thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. After our week of riding we toured some more of the country, and wished we were still on the horses. Riding is the only way to see the country

No holiday in Dunfanaghy would be complete without a ride or three at your stables. The ponies are safe, well mannered and well cared for, the staff are friendly, and the location is simply stunning.

very very good but i would suggest you cold let us groom and tack up the horses we are riding Laura Mitchell belfast

August 2010

I have been riding at Dunfanaghy stables since 1996. Since I moved to Donegal from England in 1998 I have ridden there as often as possible. I learned to ride on the beach as a child (in England) and love the beach and trail riding you provide. I have joined several trail rides and have thoroughly enjoyed these, as did the guests. I made a point of celebrating my 60th birthday by riding out with you last Halloween. My only complaint is that you are not open during the winter. The staff are friendly and good craic and there is a wide range of horses and ponies, all in excellent condition, with their own characters and all mannerly and safe to ride. Hazel, Galloping Granny

July 2010
Miss you and all the Dunfanaghy stable family...thank you for a wonderful week and for making us feel like part of your family during our stay. Val Morrow from Boulevard Ca USA

July 2010 After talking about riding in Ireland for 25 years, my friend and I made plans in January. We chose the Donegal Trail and boy was that a good choice. Not only were the accomodations at Arnold's Hotel just what we expected, the managers of the stables, Helen and John and their daughter Niamh run a great place with lots going on. The trail horses were safe, willing and personable. What an adventure. Beautiful scenery, great company.
If you have been thinking of a riding adventure, just finally realise that dream at Arnold's Hotel and the Dunfanaghy Stables. We are so glad we did!
Linda from California

My friend of 25 years and I have been talking about riding in Ireland forever but figured it was just a dream. Then two years ago I had a heart attack. After a full recovery I decided if I was going to do this now was the time. My friend and I started researching and found Equitours. Their description of Dunfanaghy Stables and "Donegal From the Saddle" sounded perfect. We asked to more friends to join us and booked the tour full of expectations. Little did we know we were in for the ride and experience of our lives! It was more than we ever hoped for. The horses were surefooted, willing, and beautiful. The scenery and riding beautiful, and Helen, John, Niamh and all the kids at the stable a delight! They treated us like old friends and made our experience one that will last us a lifetime (although I hope to go back again before too long) Niamh was especially a delight. Her sunny personality and wonderful stories of Irish folklore made the riding days even more special. I can't thank you enough for making my dream come true and more!!!!!

June 2010
I came for the week long trail ride and the ride was above and beyond my expectations! My horse was sound, healthy and surefootoed, the guides were funny, knowledgeable and safety was always a priority. The tack was in good condition - you guys treated us wonderfully!!! I have no complaints! The scenery was fabulous. You can tell you guys like what you are doing and truly love the horses. Jennifer from Wisconsin

May 2010
What an awesome week!!! Great horses, great hosts, and beautiful scenery - couldn't have been better. I would highly recommend it and I plan on going back! Julie Plummer, Bandera, TX USA

Great location, friendly staff, sound and well looked after horses

Thanks so much for those enjoyable rides. They were moments of a lifetime that will be cherished.
D. Clemenet, Canada

To everyone at the Stables,
Thank you for the great week. Someone said the reason I ride horses is because sometimes I get to go really fast and then I get to feel like I'm 12 years old again. I got to feel like I was 12 again! Thanks! I will never forget the week!
Pat Harris, 70, Canada

September 2009
Unbelievable. The most natural, unspoiled beauty I have ever seen. The changes in scenery from day to day was amazing. One day was purple heather fields with oranges and browns, the next day was the greenest fields with beautiful stone walls. Everyday there were views of beach and bay as well. Someone told me I was getting to go on a trip of a life time, and it was, but I want to make it again. So much to offer for such a reasonable price.

The beach is quite simply magnificent, i had been told by friends how wonderful it was but it exceeded all expectations. From horn-head you can see the whole village and surrounding areas, something i found spectacular.

A lovely spot easy parking and almost impossible to get any closer to a beach so minimum fuss with traffic which is great want to go back and do the railway track ride for more fantastic scenery

June 2009
The horses are very well tempered, trustworthy, willing workers , also beautiful and sweet. One of the most beautiful places on Earth! Our trip to Ireland is something we will remember and cherish forever, it exceeded our expectations! Mollie and Sophia

July 2009
Your stable, staff and horses all receive an excellent rating from me. Please feel free to use my name, hometown and email if someone wants to contact me directly. I am more than happy to brag about my experience. Miss you all already! Nancy O'Brien Paine, 115 Dogwood Circle, Moultrie, Georgia 31768 USA [email protected]

July 2009
Dear Everyone in the Stables,
A very big thanks from us for making possible for such a romantic and memorable engagement moment! It was sweet and wonderful time in our life and we're happy that it happened in the beautiful beach of Ireland with help from all of you: friendly and passionate friends of Ireland.
All the best to all of you and special thanks to our guide and the owner - the Happy Couple

it was the best day ever. The staff were so polite and offered if we needed help.

Unbelievable. The most natural, unspoiled beauty I have ever seen. The changes in scenery from day to day was amazing. One day was purple heather fields with oranges and browns, the next day was the greenest fields with beautiful stone walls. Everyday there were views of beach and bay as well. Someone told me I was getting to go on a trip of a life time, and it was, but I want to make it again. So much to offer for such a reasonable price.

Weekend in Donegal 2005
By Gillian Whyte

It started off as usual a beautiful last weekend in September 2005. Everyone could not contain their excitement and we all arrived at the stables that afternoon raring to go! This year there were 3 new faces who were chomping at the bit to get going! Edna got her favourite steed Annie, Dierdre was on Maggie, Violet on Rodney, the little ex-trotter, Carrie on Rince, a Connemara, Laura on Misty, Hillary on the big Chestnut Errigal, Caroline on Tory, Bryan on his favourite Popeye, David on Baileys, Julie on the rocket Guinness, Andrea on wee Rio, Sharon on fiddly Finch, Fiona on Niamh's beautiful grey Anglo-Arab Oscar, Claire got a beautiful grey Connemara pony called Ceol, his name meaning 'music' in Irish and I was on an amazing coloured hunter, Monty, who I could have taken home (but don't tell my own horse!)

We set off with our guides, Mark on Shadow, a sleek black mare, Clare on a beautifully marked Appaloosa named Nikitta and Sarah on Sionnach (which means 'red fox').We were really lucky and had great weather that afternoon, the views as usual were wonderful crossing the bay where we had a canter to warm up our steeds, splashed through a river leading to the forest smelling of pine. We then traversed the sand dunes which brought us to the most amazing beach of Tramore, meaning 'big beach' in Irish, which is perfectly made for a gallop. After a short walk to the shore line we set off at a pace that can only be compared to a bullet leaving a gun! The sand flew everywhere, whipped up by the wind and 72 hooves! It was beyond belief! I'm sure we galloped for about 2 miles, I would love to have seen so many horses flat out on film or in a photograph.
Exhilarated at the end of the strand we took a breather to allow the horses and riders a break before setting off up the sand again. We returned over the sand dunes to the stables in good spirits, and retired to the pub.

The next morning, another beautiful day, we were reunited with our mounts once again. Today I was riding Sionnach, a gorgeous red bay gelding, Julie on the wonderful Monty and Sharon on Guinness. I think Andrea liked the look of Oscar but Fiona was ready to fight off any competition including if Niamh had have been home as she was away getting her BHS exams.
We set off up the country lanes leading to the Famine Track. These tracks were built during the Great Famine 1845-1852 by the women and children of the workhouse and are now covered with purple heather and bog cotton. Helen, the boss, took us out and we had fantastic long trots and canters, dodging the mountain sheep that wander the wilds of these mountains. We even got to see a magnificent Red Deer stag who cantered easily into the distance over the rough terrain. Making our way to the yard again we were in awe of the coastal views of Sheephaven Bay. We bade farewell to our trusty steeds and the yard staff.

Anyone who has not experienced the Dunfanaghy weekend should do so. Arnold's Hotel, the food and the hospitality is great. Most importantly the horses are wonderful, well looked after and incredibly good natured. I have been going to Dunfanaghy for about 9 years now and the quality of the horses are the best yet.
Roll on next year!

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