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Ride the Wild Atlantic Way with Dunfanaghy Stables!

Ride the Wild Atlantic Way with Dunfanaghy Stables!

Ride the Wild Atlantic Way with Dunfanaghy Stables! Hourly Beach ride with Dunfanaghy Stables Hourly rides with Dunfanaghy Stables Jumping lesson with Weetabix Buttons Shorter Rides / Lessons
Horse riding along the WIld Atlantic Way! The best way to explore Donegal, Ireland!


Please contact us if you want to find out about our Full day rides, these are subject to group numbers

Prices 2018

Leadouts (children) - €12
Leadouts (adults) - €12
Half hour Lessons (children) - €15 - based in arena
Half hour Lessons (adults) - €18 - based in arena
Adults (over 18s) - €32 per hour
Children (under 18s) - €27 per hour
2 Hour Rides (over 18s) - €60
2 Hour Rides (under 18s) - €50
3 Hour Rides (over 18s) - €86
3 Hour Rides (under 18s) - €70

Half an Hour Options


Children are led by a member of staff onto and around the beach. These rides last for 25/30mins. Adults may accompany children on foot or on horseback, however adults horses are not led (unless requested). Suitable for the whole family from toddlers to your Grandpa!
Leadouts serve as a perfect precursor to lessons helping childrens confidence with and around ponies, improving their balance and later making lessons and tuition easier to accept
This ride costs €12 (under 18s) €12 (over 18s)


Lessons are suitable for children 6 years and up. Lessons are given by Niamh, our BHSAI. Niamh trained with Grainne Sugars in Calliaghstown Riding Centre in Co.Dublin which is a British Horse Society training and examination centre. Calliaghstown has an excellent reputation for high-class training. Lessons with us here in Dunfanaghy have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere yet safety and improvement are a major priority. Learn to ride effortlessly, effectively and safely.
Lessons are available either as a group of similar ability or private lessons. Private lessons are subject to availibilty during July and August. Lessons cost Half hour Lessons (children) - €15
Half hour Lessons (adults) - €18

One Hour Beach Rides

Hour rides take place on our 'home' beach of Kilahoey Strand, a long crescent of golden sand which is part of the shores of the sheltered sandy Sheephaven Bay.

These rides last for one hour, are suitable for adults and older children and leave on the hour every hour starting at 10am and our last jaunt on the beach leaves at 4pm.
Prices :
under 18s : €27
over 18s : €32

We cater for three different levels of experience: NOVICE, INTERMEDIATE and EXPERIENCED.
Novice rides cater for those who have no or little previous experience riding horses. It consists of an hour walking along the beach on your horse, allowing the rider to become accustomed to horseriding. Suitable for adults and children aged 8yrs and up. *NOTE* The horses are NOT lead by a member of staff.

Intermediate rides are for those who have recieved tuition and are comfortable at the rising trot. This ride lasts an hour and consists of walking and trotting on the beach. Suitable for adults and children aged 8yrs and up.

Experienced rides are for those who have considerable experience riding horses. They must have received tuition and have to be comfortable cantering in open spaces and are comfortable at the rising trot. This ride consists of walking, trotting and cantering only. Suitable for adults and children aged 10yrs and up.

2 Hour Rides

Under 18s : €50
Over 18s : €60

2 hour and 3 hour rides can be tiresome for novice riders, don't try too much too quick! You can always come back for more....

 The Famine Track

Riders explore the wild bogs and rugged mountainsides traversing track and road that were built over 150 years ago during the Great Famine. The tracks through the bog are silent apart from the tinkling of a stream, the odd 'BAAHH' from a distant sheep, the constant rhythm of our horses hooves and of course the friendly chat out of your guide and fellow riders, an ideal way to escape the headache of the modern world for a couple of hours.
This ride is suitable for adults and children over 10 years who are capable of rising trot and canter.

Horn Head

This ride consists of an hour on the beach and the second hour ambling up 'Thw Haggard', an inclining country lane skirting the forest to the top of Horn Head allowing the rider to soak in the beautiful scenery and panoramic views of Sheephaven Bay and its expanse of rugged coastline and sandy secluded strands, the Derryveagh Mountain Range with impressive Muckish Mountain and Mount Errigal, Portnablagh and the charming coastal village of Dunfanaghy itself. This ride can be catered for all levels of experience. Suitable for adults and children over 10 years.
This ride is permitted by the tide as you need to be able to cross the bay to reach Horn Head.

Half-day Rides (3 hours)

Under 18s : €70
Over 18s : €86

The Railway Track
The railway track takes us for exceptional canters along the abandoned railway track which are now overgrown and is ideal for thundering hooves.
The largest narrow gauge railway system ever to be built in Ireland and throughout the British Isles was once at home here in Donegal. The railway line discontinued in Donegal after a great disaster, a train plummeted from the Owencarrow Viaduct. The track is built along spectacular scenery and turned out to be too precarious for train travel but is ideal for our eager steeds. We ride through the haunting wilderness along the abandoned tracks strewn along the foot of the majestic Muckish Mountain which punctuates the skyline, a major natural landmark in this awe inspiring wild and rugged landscape.

Tramore is our best secret!
This beauty, a private, secluded beach which is sheltered from people as the only way to get to it is either on foot or by horse, our only spectators tend to be the many sea birds and the odd seal. We walk over protected sand dunes which have rare varieties of flora and fauna so we are very priviledged. There are fantastic views of Tory Island and a great roar from the sea on a windy day as the waves batter the cliffs.
This ride is quite fast and is only for the experienced confident rider

Marble Hill
This 3 hour ride takes us cantering across the sands of Kilahoey Strand, trotting past Sessiagh Lake with its Crannog in the middle, an artificial island which once had a dwelling on it, and walking amongst the stonewalls and the scenic lanes to Marble Hill. We can see Horn Head, Kilahoey Strand, Muckish Mountain and the whole of Sheephaven Bay. There is a well awaited canter up the strand at Marble Hill along the sandy sheltered bay. We then turn the horses towards the hills and travel home along the secluded tracks among the peat bog and purple heather.

Please contact us if you want to find out about our Full day rides, these are subject to group numbers

Horseriding by Appointment Only

you can reach us on the following numbers
Office phone : 074 91 00980
Helen's phone : 0868280552
Niamh's phone : 0863772468
Arnolds Hotel Receiption : 0749136208

Prices 2018

Adults (over 18s) - €32 per hour
Children (under 18s) - €27 per hour
Half hour Lessons (children) - €15
Half hour Lessons (adults) - €18
Leadouts (children) - €12
Leadouts (adults) - €12

Dunfanaghy Stables, Arnolds Hotel, Dunfanaghy, County Donegal, Ireland

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